Month: April 2008

Never rains, but it pours

Still lookin’ for a job.  Made a graph of my spreadsheet which tracks which jobs I’ve applied for.  The week beginning 14 April – I applied for, or was contacted for, 25 jobs.  Last week – just the 20.  But, that peak in the previous week paid dividends.  Last week, booked myself four interviews.  Two in person, two phone.  The two phone interviews went well enough for me to be contacted within the day to organise proper interviews.  And all of the proper interviews seem to have gone reasonably well.  The first one – I haven’t heard back.  The other three – all seem keen.  Waiting for my agent to get back to me about one that’s involving music – but I may have offended them by citing a different salary expectation than the one my agent told them I wanted.  Did the same thing at an interview yesterday – but they wanted me to do one of those personality tests yesterday.  You know the ones – they think they can read your personality from a set of 40 or so multiple choice questions.  Good luck – I’m complicated like an onion.  And the other interview I had – they seem keen, but are scared I’m going to take off in 12 or 18 months to go a-travellin’ again.  Everybody here seems scared of that – my CV with a couple of big gaps in it, plus my last few jobs being for short periods of time (in UK terms)… gives people the fear.  They don’t seem to understand that from NZ – if you travel, it has to be done in a big chunk to make the airfare worthwhile.  Whereas while I’m here – I can achieve the same thing with extended weekend trips over into Europe.  Sort of.

Anyway – that’s how the job search is going.  Mostly.  Also hoping to hear back from some other jobs and stuff that people are talking to me about – but they’d better hurry.  In other news – same old.  Got no money, so can’t do nothing.  Although there was a sunny day here on Saturday.  And I discovered what that means to the London populace.  Any other plans were forgotten – as everybody stopped to enjoy the magic yellow ball of fire.  I went and had some drinks with Chook & Nicky-John.  Justin came along for a little while, as did Martin.  Afternoon in the sun was followed by a night out in Clapham.  And then a night at Chook’s mansion.  Breakfast at a cafe – although the weather was back to normal.  And then bought Sweet & Sour.  Chook’s new pair o’ goldfish.  Followed by some board games – and me losing on purpose so I’d be in time to catch the tube back to Stratford – and hopefully have enough sleep to catch up on the weekend, before getting up at 5am to catch trains out to remote places for interviews.  Turns out I should have allowed for a little more sleep.  I assume nobody saw me nodding off in the waiting room though – as they still seem keen to hire me.   All day on Monday travelling around the countryside for interviews – the only topic people were discussing was that it had been sunny on Saturday.  I’m starting to guess that all the english joking that summer is “a couple of days, usually sometime in June” might not have been too much of an exaggeration.

Broken Wheelbarrows

Is there anything that looks quite as pathetic as a broken wheelbarrow? Whether it’s missing it’s wheel, or a handle, or a leg, or the entire ‘barrow’ – it just looks sad. I’ve never hugged a wheelbarrow – but I felt an overwhelming urge to hug the one I saw out the window today – all upside-down and missing a wheel. I fought off the urge.

I’m kind of feeling like a broken wheelbarrow at the moment. Had my first face-to-face job interview during the week – followed a couple of days later by my first real rejection. My previous rejection didn’t count – as it was for a team leader job. This was actually a job I would have been good at. But I failed. Oh well. Got another phone interview on Monday – for the world’s largest online bingo company. Oh yeah.

Also applied for a job for a ‘household name in sporting entertainment’. The only group I can think of which describes itself as “sporting entertainment” is professional wrestling. I’d be pretty happy if I could tell people I worked for online bingo, or for pro-wrestling. And imagine the perks/discounts accompanying either!

In other news – Pen has gone to NZ. So – if you’re in NZ, then you’ll either be seeing her soon, or you can assume that she doesn’t like you.

And yesterday there was a barbecue at Setal’s place. A barbecue in England – yeah… good luck. Cooking in the rain, small flat packed full of people. But… lots of food, some drinks, chit-chat, and an ‘enry.

And that’s about it. But remember – $1 a week to you is just a can of crap soft drink. To a broken wheelbarrow – it could be a new life.