Month: January 2009

Safely Does It

Just a quick note to let you all know I’m safe.  No, I did not die in a Bangkok nightclub fire.  No, I did not die of alochol poisoning.  No, I did not get carried up, up and away by holding onto too many helium balloons.  And no, I did not drown from night-swimming.

Yes, however, I did drink a couple of beers.  And some margaritas.  And yes, I did buy some helium balloons.  How many you ask?  ALL.  And yes, I went night-swimming.  And yes, we did get stuck in Khao San Road – although we did try to leave.  Just not very well.

Big shout-outs to all the people we met.  You’re all good kids.

And now I’m back in London with a little over 5 pound in my pocket, and no card to get more.  And the only way I have the 5 is from swapping baht back to pounds when I got back home – otherwise, I’d be still walking from Heathrow.