Month: February 2009

Money, snow, booze – repeat

Yes, yes – I know these updates are getting few and far between.  So much so that I doubt anybody is still reading them.  But – well, I’ll think of an excuse later.

What’s happened over the last 6 weeks?  Nothing too noteworthy, according to my memory.  But then – I suspect my memory is actually the enemy.

There was one weekend which was noteworthy.  Partly because I didn’t do any work.  But mostly – because I was a shambles from beginning to end.  Friday night – I think I just had a few beers at the local.  Maybe more than a few, I can’t be sure.  All I know is that it was enough that when I turned up at this little fundraising event the next night, I was still in that state between still-drunk & hungover.  The one or two pints at the local on the way probably didn’t help that.  But – this fundraising thing – organised by humanitarian Justin.  Apparently he and some others went to Uganda for New Years – without inviting me.  Met some people, and decided to help them out when they got back by raising funds for them.  Funds which go directly to the people – not through some agency which takes a cut to pay for ‘administration’ – ie advertising, payrolls, big office blocks, and pushing religion.  So – I consider myself a generous man – and have always wanted to help charity – but refuse to give money to an agency such as that listed.  I read some awful statistic once – something about less than 10% actually making it through to the other end.  Although I believe that one stat was largely due to the bribery which has to be paid in the destination country to get aid through.  In this instance – money direct into a bank account – withdrawn by people in Uganda to distribute.  No agency, no government, no paperwork, no bribes.  So – I spent some money.

And got back to my local at I-don’t-know what time, in quite the state, from all accounts.  A drunken happy Kruse giving away money in a bright red suit.  Quite the sight.

And so, it came to Sunday.  I had eventually managed to make it home – and into bed, after overcoming certain obstacles.  So – I woke up, very hungry.  Decided the easiest solution was to go to the local for a Sunday roast.  For some reason, Ash – the guv’nor – wasn’t doing a roast that day.  But he WAS selling wine.   So I drank wine.  And stood at the bar all day with Steve, one of the locals – who normally works night shift, therefore (there is logic there somewhere) on his days off – spends all day in the pub. And we talked, drank, and spent a fairbit of money in the jukebox.  And then it snowed.  It turns out, that when it snows – the drinker in me comes out.  Although – that may be due to shock from frostbite, or some other physiological reaction to wearing jandals in the snow.  Or standing in the snow in barefeet for 15 minutes while wishing my sister a happy birthday.

So – Monday.  Monday, London was closed.  Couldn’t go to work, apparently.  So – I put my jandals on, and popped down the pub.

And since then – it’s been constant work.  Except Monday – which my boss told me to take off, in return for the previous few weekends.  So – I decide to go to get my UK licence.  I reread the requirements several times – because my passport is at work (in preparation for getting an Indian visa) – and I want to make sure I don’t need it.  Nope – I don’t, it’s listed as a form of ID, but there are other forms I can provide instead.  I check this many times, as there is only one place in London I can apply for this licence – and it’s a fair distance away in Wimbledon, only open during business hours.  So – I go there.  And take my queue ticket – behind 50 other people.  And get to the front of the queue – a roving girl asks to check my application and documents.  Says I need a passport.  I ask her if she’s 100% sure.  She says yes.  I say “I must have read the booklet incorrectly” through clenched teeth.  I go home (well, stopped off to say hello to the guv’nor) – and watch terrible movies.  Day off – wasted.