Month: January 2010


So – that’s finally over.  2009, that is.  And the whole 10 years of naming years with “Two thousand and …” – which was rather tiresome.  Now – we can get back to being lazy.  I actually read an article the other day about somebody being horrified by the possibility that people were going to continue calling 2010 “two thousand and ten”.  Horrified.  He was some official chap as well – and insisted that this was not correct – pointing out how every other year in history is pronounced, except the last ten.  Despite, of course, that technically – it’s always been wrong, and it just took the ‘noughties’ to force us back into pronouncing a 4 digit number the way it should be.  Oh – and I have heard some people all excited about the thought of what this decade is to be called.  It’s obvious.

Wow – did I just write a paragraph on THAT?  Okay – let’s get back to normal transmission.  The last couple of weeks – well… you can probably guess how this goes.  Just the same as every other time I’ve bothered to write – but multiplied by the ‘Festive Season’.  Various sessions of ‘drinks’ leading up to the end of December.  Then – the 25th.  Nicky Osborne’s birthday.  Jeebersmas.  People kept asking me if I was going home for it.  I had to point out that I didn’t even go home for MY birthday.

Anyway – on the 24th, did the fashionable thing and did some telephone/video calls with various people.  Then – went to bed in the wee hours of the 25th.  Woke up much much later.  Put on the trusty jandals, and went a-wandering.  I had been meaning to stock up on muffins and eggs the previous night – but had got waylaid.  So – had to wander around Balham, trying to find muffins and eggs.  Our local trusty 24-hour Tesco was closed.  Not cool.  BP – they sell nothing but death-deisel.  Finally found a little dairy – and had to settle for hamburger buns instead of muffins.  Worked remarkably well though.  Had two courses of eggs florentine/royale.  Did my laundry.  And felt like I’d had a good day.  But – then had to go meet Caitlin and her friends who had had a dinner party, and were now in the post-dinner phase.  Which seemed to involve plenty of booze and what-not.  Walked home at about 8am – ready for a nice Boxing Day nap.

Not to be, however, as I was awoken several hours later by flatmate Chris.  Who had promised his mother that he’d bring me along to her place, so I could be part of some kind of family thing on Boxing Day.  Which was nice, except I wasn’t really in a suitable state for such things.  But – along I went.  Snacked at some food, and had a couple of polite drinks.  I really can be quite polite when I put my mind to it.  And at about 3 or 4am, found my way to bunk beds – to complete the whole family-gathering type feel.

And then a week of work.  Well – I had actually been working throughout the above – as I was on-call for the week covering the 25th.  But for the week leading up to New Year’s – actually back in the office.  Which, of course, felt great.  And then… New Year’s Eve.  I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about that.  We prettied up our house for a party.  I went to the local bottle store, and the nice chaps carted my purchases back to our house for me on one of those cargo-trolley things.  And then we had dinner.  And then we had a party.  And then it was about 6pm the next evening – and there was myself and one girl sitting on the floor drinking, after somebody had foolishly suggested that one of us was more adept/determined at the consumption of alcohol than the other.  I honestly don’t know how it started – but it seems that we are both rather stubborn fools, with high opinions of ourselves.  And fair enough really – the evening ended with the swapping of mutual admiration – and an agreement to ‘call it a truce’ – which sounds suspiciously like a situation which could erupt again, now that I think about it.  A ‘draw’ would have been a much better term.  Oh well – too late now.  Anyway – she headed back to see if her husband had changed the locks, while I stayed up to try and sooth the razorblades in my throat with Kahlua.  I have pointed out before that if one drinks too much champagne, it feels like razorblades in one’s oesophagus.  Well – on the evening of the 01/01/10 – I was definitely experiencing this.  After two/three days of drinking nothing but Kahlua, and chomping down anti-heartburn medicine – it finally dissipated.  But for a couple of days there – wow, everything hurt.  Coughing, drinking anything, eating anything.  Luckily, I didn’t really want to do many of those things very often.

But – all in all, a fairly good ‘festive season’.  Not a ‘White Christmas’ strictly speaking – but there was a fair bit of snow just before, and just afterwards.  Including now – still snowing now.  I believe the ever lovable british media has coined the term “The Big Freeze”.  I wandered over to look at the fountains in Trafalgar Square this morning – and yeah, they’re pretty good and frozen.  And of course the media is complaining about airports being closed.  “In cities like New York & Moscow they have much more snow than this, and THEY never close their airports!”  Coming from the same people who would be up in arms if they actually did something about it… “What do you mean – you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on snow-clearing machinery, when it might only be used once or twice a year??!!”  I think I need to stop using talkback radio as my alarmclock station.  It really doesn’t help one start the day with a smile.  If anybody knows of a radio station without any ‘Wacky Breakfast DJ Team’, or preferably any talking at all – I would be very grateful.

New Year’s Resolutions – I didn’t seem to get around to actually confirming those.  And it might be getting a little late now.  But – in the theme of album titles:

  • Hold Steady’s Stay Positive – ie: try to be a little more cheerful (or at least pretend).  If one ignores all the complaining above, I’m doing really well.
  • Faith No More’s Midlife Crisis – not strictly an album, but a song.  I will try to find a suitable album title – but I am going to attempt a deliberate and measured midlife crisis…
  • .. maybe Kings Of Leon’s Youth & Young Manhood ? – in that trying to recapture my youth – is essentially a midlife crisis, innit?

And the New Month’s Resolution for January is Darts.  And maybe Celebrity Big Brother.  Darts – because it’s cool, and exciting – and some championship or other is on TV at the moment.  And Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) – because I need to try and immerse myself in British culture – and what is British culture if not celebrities, reality television, and generally all things ‘tabloidish’.  CBB – perfect.