Month: February 2011


Two weeks gone, and nothing to show for it.

Have tried to settle into a routine, but that got a little put out of shape when I broke stuff.  My attempt at cluttering my already very small apartment with a home-gym failed when I proved too strong for my cheap equipment.  But – rather than wait for replacement parts – I’ve gone and ordered new stuff.  So soon I’ll have two rowing machines in my flat.

Living like a hermit seems to have driven me to just buy stuff.  Need to get out of that.  I’ve also added to my collection of diving equipment.  ‘Cause I’m a diver.  Just need to do some diving now, so I don’t look like some kind of poseur.  As if.

And in other news – it seems like my lengthy explanation of why a fear of snakes is perfectly rational – has turned what was originally a healthy and slightly exaggerated fear of snakes into a full-blown phobia.  Although still rational.  Sort-of.  I now find it very difficult to look at a webpage or television/movie screen which features a snake.  A far cry from a couple of years ago, when I allowed one to slither over and around my arm and what-not – and actually considered buying it from the nice Venezualan man when he offered to sell it to me.

And this is why I’m refraining from further rants – regarding things like people walking slowly in the middle of footpaths, or erratically changing position on footpaths without checking behind them, or stopping at the top/bottom of stairs in order to extend their suitcase roller handles, or anything bloody else which would not be tolerated if driving – so why the hell is it when you’re a pedestrian? – because I’m afraid that if I put into writing all the reasoned arguments as to why these people are annoying – my already stronger-than-they-should-be views will evolve into murderous rages.  My heartrate is already increasing at the thought of selfish/spatially-unaware pedestrians.  I don’t need to build this up any more.  Already – despite no longer needing to join rush-hour tubes or trains to/from work – I actually try to avoid the rush-hour of pedestrians.  Not just because of the thoughtless ones – but just being part of that crowd of thousands and thousands of drones on their way to work.  So very, very depressing.  Just now – for perhaps the first time, I realise the allure of farming.  Even being shat on by a cow starts to look good by comparison.

2011 is underway

Time to stop living in the past.  2010 was all well and good, but it’s a new year, a new decade.  No more lists of what happened way back then.

So – went to the first gig of 2011.  It was Junip – who I hadn’t heard of until about 2 weeks back, when the date was announced.  But the name Jose Gonzalez jumped out at me, of course.  To my limited and struggling understanding – I believe Jose may have actually gone to school in Sweden?  And Junip is his schoolmates and himself?  Or something.  And looking it up – yeah, Jose Gonzalez is actually swedish.  Odd.  But – yeah, good little gig.  Very small venue – Scala – but did the job.  Nobody volunteered to accompany me – so once again, I went by myself, with a couple of spare tickets in my pocket.  At the venue – I spotted a young couple being coerced by a scalper to “just stand there for 5 minutes – and I’ll get you tickets – for fifteen pounds yeah?”.  Now – I had a couple of tickets which would go to waste – so I walked to the couple – and offered my tickets, for free.  They were confused, but took them.  And the scalper gave me dirty looks, and started walking alongside me saying something.  I wasn’t really listening, as I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been friendly – as I was in quite a rush to get inside nice and safe.  Another scalper, however, I understood quite clearly.  “I knew that c*&£ was holding!” – he said.  Yeah – I wasn’t the most popular chap amongst the scalpers.  I wasn’t sure if I explained that I hadn’t sold my tickets to the couple – but given them away – if that would have made them feel better, or worse.  But – went into the gig, the couple found me at the bar, and bought me a drink.  I performed my second charitable act when I saw another couple trying to figure out what the pre-gig music was which was playing, by calling ‘Shazam’.  I leaned over and kindly told them.  Got referred to as “my own living Shazam”.  Yep – that’s me.  And watched the gig – then found Jess who’d been there, and went for a quick drink afterwards.  Not especially good company, however.  My new lifestyle of eating bugger all doesn’t do wonders for my energy levels.  And yeah – that was the first gig of 2011.

And today – just had to verify some news that I thought I’d heard, but wasn’t sure if I’d heard correctly.  The White Stripes have split up!  Oh well – had to happen I guess.  New year, new decade…  It’s probably about time for Jack White to hook up with Kanye West, and make a Super-Album.  Maybe through Karen O in there too.  That would be sweet.

Also did the first home-cooked Sunday roast of the year.  Which was also, I think, the first proper home-cooked meal in my flat.  Had Dom, Caro, Malachy, Chook around – and had a fairly nice and simple roast lamb (it being the 30th – therefore a “red meat day” for me).  Malachy tried some, and seemed rather taken by lamb.  And then we headed to a pub up north, for dessert/soup, backgammon, and live music.  Malachy was very taken by the live band – especially percussion.  The lead singer lady was rather taken by Malachy, and I got lots of lovely smiles.  While I was trying to figure out how to point out that nope – I wasn’t the father, I was actually very single, but gosh – look how great I am with kids.  Need some further thought on that, I think.

Oh – and by the way, it looks like I’m doing a very quick visit Down Under in March.  Plans are: I fly into Auckland on Sunday the 6th – will head straight to Rotorua.  Probably just spend a few days in Rotorua, recovering from jet lag.  Possibly do day trips to nearby locations – but probably not.  So – if anybody happens to be near Rotorua – let me know.  And on the 10th – fly out – Auckland-Melbourne.  A few days in Melbourne.  And then – maybe a few days somewhere else, Perth maybe?  Bali maybe?  Queensland maybe?  I think Perth is the current front-runner.  And – fly back to London on about the 20th.  So yeah – not enough time to do anything, just to make a brief appearance – and annoy nearly everybody by not having more time.  Sweet.