Month: April 2011

A Right Royal Fairytale

Quick question – did anybody else come down suddenly with a horrible. horrible cold (or other affliction) as of yesterday?

I’m just thinking – it’s a bit much of a coincidence that on the same day of a “fairy-tale event” – I happen to get hit with a monster of a cold.  Innit?  I smell a witch somewhere.  But now I have to ask – which side of the fence is this witch on?  Is there some bitter twisted hag out there who cursed all the folk in England yesterday – thereby accidentally catching me?  Or is the Baroness of Carrickfergus herself a wicked witch – who cursed me for not being part of the masses who lined the streets or watched excitedly for the first glimpse of her dress?  (Speaking of which – wearing white?  Puh-lease!)

In either case – I vote for a good old fashioned witch-hunt, followed by a burning at the stake.  Or – is a fiery car-crash the modern equivalent… MI6?


What I did on ANZAC Day:

  • Watched american television/movies
  • Drank Italian wine, ate french escargot – all at a british pub named after an english poet

Mitigating factors:

  • When I ordered the wine, I was expecting the Nobilo as per wine list.
  • I’d read an article about the French town of Le Quesnoy – so the escargot thing was kinda justified.  Yeah?
  • I live in England – so don’t really have much choice about going to british/english pubs.  And I will stand by my decision to walk 30 seconds and sit in the sun outside the Shakespeare, rather than tube/walk 15 minutes to stand in a dark/dingy Walkabout.
  • The american movies were (mostly) classics, and the television (mostly) selected high-quality.  Rear Window, however – what up with that?  Supposedly one of the best movies ever.  Yep – pretty sweet movie, and noticeably nice movie-making – even to my naive eye.  But that ending.  Not particularly happy.  Was it forced upon them by the film company?  I realise that this was before the days when movies had to have some kind of ‘question’ being asked, or whatever – but still, the whole thing seemed purpose-built for a look into a voyeuristic society, with symbolism of cameras and what-not through-out.  And then came the twist/not-twist/whatever-that-was.  Dumb.

A Quick Stint of Work

I thought the unreasonable amount of rage I felt towards co-workers during my first two days back was due to jet-lag, and would subside once I had settled back into normal routine.  It turns out – my normal routine consists of quite a lot of unreasonable rage towards co-workers.  Add that to the considerable amount of completely reasonable disdain of co-workers, and my normal routine isn’t particularly conducive to good mental health.

So – what I’ve gone and done is just book another excursion.  So – for all of those lucky enough to live in the much better ‘Southern’ hemisphere – here’s some dates when you should allow for activities as varied as: having a bed ready for me to sleep in; cooking dinner for me; organising a venue for a meal and/or social drinks; attending a meal and/or social drinks; visiting me; having meals cooked by me; lazing about; swimming; diving; chit-chat; and other stuff…

  • Saturday 14th May -> Monday 16th May – Sydney.  Probably primarily hanging in/near Pen’s flat in Manly, recovering from lack of sleep.
  • Monday 16th May -> Saturday 28th May – New Zealand.  Primarily hanging in/near Angela’s house in Rotorua.  Probable day-trips (if you’re lucky) to exotic locales such as Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki.  Probably one or two nights in Wellington at the end of this time.  If you’re lucky.
  • Saturday 28th May -> Monday 30th May – Melbourne.  Not really sure – but trying to spend time with any/all people that are interested.  Open to offers of accommodation – bearing previous sentence in mind.

So, yeah – check out that itinerary, and let me know when/where you’ll be around/available – if relevant.

Back here in present (or recent past) -day London… not much happening.  As alluded to in the beginning, I’ve settled back into routine, including work.  And if anything, my holiday way back in March managed to make me more disillusioned by this whole work lark.  But that might be because of the dwindling bank balance.  My money is disappearing – which makes grand ideas of motorbike tours around Europe, train trips to North Korea, back-packer trips through central Asia – all very much pipe dreams at the moment.  I realise that I probably need much much cheaper accommodation, in order to  ‘accommodate’ such aspirations.  And was considering this the other day – but don’t think I’m quite ready to go back to living with other people just yet.  Am still loving being able to open the fridge – and knowing what everything in there is, and how old it is, and that if it’s a half-full container of soup/something – knowing perfectly well that it’s there for a reason, and will have disappeared within the day.  Such simple pleasures.

But enough of my being a hermit.  I have had one social outing – which was the last Sunday of March.  A pleasant enough day – dim-sum/yum-cha on Baker Street (home of that famous druggie Sherlock Holmes).  Followed by a few beverages at a local pub – and then everybody scattered.  All very civilised and what-not.  Hopefully we will be able to repeat this next month.  I have a vague plan of maybe alternating national foods – to make it a bit interesting.  Perhaps a Brazilian churrascaria this month – although it might need a bit of convincing for people on that latest fad diet – ‘Vegetarian’.  Not that I can talk – as I realise I am starving, and look at my lunch.  Tangerines and grapes.  What a poof.