Month: January 2012

2012 – off and running (or skiing)

Right – been too busy and lazy and sick to write for a while, so now I just have to skim over it all.

First gig of the year – Ani DiFranco at the Union Chapel.  Cool gigtalented lady – did an improvised song with a crowd member playing guitar for her – after somebody requested a song, and she claimed to not be able to play it anymore.  A crowd member reckoned he could, so he did – and it turns out she remembered how to play it fairly well also.  But yeah – cool.  Legitimately improv’ed?  Not sure – the crowd member turned out to be a fairly successful musician himself – Declan Bennett.  She seems fairly genuine, and it didn’t happen the following night – so I’m giving the whole episode the benefit of the doubt.

And then – France.  Caught a train over to France on the 14th, and spent the week there – helping Dom celebrate his 40th.  This was done by learning to ski, then doing actual skiing, interspersed with large amounts of food and drink, and very little sleep.  But now I can ski.  By the end of the week, I was going down red pistes comfortably, and trying stupid things like jumps and off-piste which I really had no right to be trying.  Amazing weather – clear blue skies for the entire week, until the final day which was pretty much constant snowstorm, with zero visibility, and lifts closing all over the place (doing red slopes).  Here’s a video of my new skillz (warning, the music might not be to everybody’s taste, and has naughty words):
And then we came back to London, drinking the bar dry on one of the trains, and discovering the tube between Kings Cross/St Pancras and my place was closed. I eventually crawled into my place at about midnight, drunk and exhausted – and immediately came down with a terrible cold or influenza or something. Bah, London.

2011 – done.

So – another year gone.  A year in which I spent a stupid amount of money on rent, visited the southern hemisphere twice, successfully got myself littler, saw a whole heap of live music, and not much else.  40 gigs, according to my records – not including festivals.  And all but one of those were actually in the 2nd half of the year – so yeah, too much to recap them all.

But breaking down into some rough categories:

Best: I’m now undecided – Portishead or Flaming Lips – both amazing gigs, and contenders for top gig EVER.

Awesome: gigs which were just really really cool: PJ HarveyThe RootsBlack Joe Lewis & the HoneybearsGeorge Clinton & the P-Funk

Homegrown: I was thinking earlier that of all the gigs, only one was a NZ band, but then remembered nope: Liam FinnPajama ClubPhoenix FoundationNaked & Famous

So 2011 – a mixed bag: bests gigs ever, best wedding ever, most gigs ever, most money spent ever, least accomplished ever (maybe?).

2012 – it’s looking like it’ll start as a continuation of 2011.  But there are plans for this year – all the normal stuff like ridiculous resolutions, etc – plus some actual ambitions.  But that can wait until another day.  Spring begins on 20th March – and a clean will be done.