Month: April 2013

Spring 2013

Reading my previous ramblings – it seems I am terribly overly optimistic.  Spring in this country consists of snow.  Snow in March, yep.  April – sure, why not some more.  And still cold as all manner of &*%$£^$.

But – despite the fact that temperatures have still not breached double-figures, today I tested whether the Spectre would actually start – after 4 months of neglect and ridiculous cold.  (I’m sure it’s colder now than it was in winter proper).  And – yes she did.  So – my first ride of the year today, a short trip up to Cambridgeshire… shaking the cobwebs off the Spectre and myself.  Mostly done so that I am assured of being able to ride to Czechland in July.  Which I am looking the hell out of looking forward to.  1000 miles of Europe, each way.  I have been poring over google-maps and