Month: September 2013

Two Months in Two Paragraphs

Went to Ireland.  Nice ride, over some hills, through some valleys, etc, etc.  Wedding, with the level of binge-drinking that normally entails.  Republic of Ireland – really rather pleasant/pretty.  And then as soon as one crosses the border into Northern Ireland… not so pleasant/pretty, and lots, and I mean LOTS, of flags with Union Jacks, which just seemed rather rude.  Wales on the way home – also rather pleasant/pretty.  And then England – not so much, but some decent spots.




Otherwise – the first couple of months of TheKruse Ltd in operation… managed to get paid for the first time successfully.  Just in time… I’d got down to under £200 in the bank account.  And having Ben staying with me – being a good little boy, cooking me dinner each night.  Which means I now have a heap of ingredients, I wouldn’t normally use.  And I got talked into buying a sweet chef’s knife (which came in the mail, complete with two sticking-plasters, and a note from ‘Pete’ – saying “Hi Micheal, A great choice of knife, the [sic] one is a beauty. Grab a bag of onions and have some fun! Enjoy, Pete”.  Which all rather endeared me to Pete… it’s a shame he doesn’t have any awesome chopping boards.  So now – I’ve got plenty of excuses to start cooking again properly.  Will it be enough…?