Month: September 2019

DPRK – placeholder

Just a quick note to confirm I made it out of North Korea, back in Beijing now.

One night here, while I try to figure out how to repack everything .. the first time I’ve had to take everything with me – and there is absolutely no way it will all fit.

When I’ve got some time, I’ll start writing up some notes on the wonderfully insane and beautifully bizarre experience which was the DPRK, with photos, etc.
But first – off to wikipedia, to correct all the incorrect stuff on there, now I’ve learned The Truth from various guides in Korea.

Beijing 三 – Another Regroup

Back to Beijing. A few days of pretty much nothing more than drinking TsingTao in the sun each afternoon… other than today’s adventure into the central city, where I picked up a North Korea visa, and shipped off a large box of boots/helmet/souvenirs/etc back to NZ. (Jaguar – I used your address, but I don’t expect it to arrive for a month or two)

Tomorrow – off to North Korea… so it’s very unlikely that I’ll be sending or receiving any messages for a few weeks.
I’m due back in Beijing on the 19th, but will probably be rather busy re-packing before heading to Japan on 20th. There should be “proof-of-not-being-arrested” by 22nd.