Cook Islands

10 weeks of all-sorts

Right – it’s been a while, and a fair bit happened…

Nine Inch Nails – struggling to remember it, but I assume it was big and noisy.

New Zealand – went home, visited some people, missed out on visiting others.  Rode my new bike (photos below) – fell off it on the 2nd day… not particularly serious – but enough to require buying a new helmet and laptop screen, and feel rather sore for a few days, and bent a few bits and pieces on the bike.  Put about 3,500 km on it.  Spent some time with the niece & nephews – which was all good, even if half the time I was jetlagged, and just watching them.

Rarotonga – island time.  Riding a scooter around – didn’t fall off it.  Snorkelling.  Sun.  Just chilled.  Old Dog.  New Dog.  New New Dog.  Jigsaw puzzle.  Didn’t walk across the island.  Didn’t go fishin’.  Didn’t go divin’.  Still, it was good.

Jared & Jess got married.  My first beach wedding… everything I’d dreamed it would be.  I cut my hair short one one side, fashioned myself a good old side-to-side comb-over, complete with plenty of hair product, etc.  I was a little disappointed in the number of comments – mostly because it suggests people thought I was being serious.  Photos to come.  Oh, and next day – shaved my head… over a month later, I’m still not used to it, or happy about it.  But, it is what it is.

Back to England on the Monday – had two gigs scheduled for Thursday night.  The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, or Beth Orton.  I’d seen them both before – so I opted for Beth, as it was at the Barbican – super close, and seated – so I could easily doze off if I wanted.  Which I didn’t want, but I did anyway.  Beth, as always – pretty good.

BST festival at Hyde Park – Lucy RoseHalf Moon RunCaitlin RoseThe NationalNeil Young – the acts I managed to see… all of whom were rather good.  Although Half Moon Run seemed a lot more “bro-bro” than I would have expected.  And I drank a little more champagne in the sun than was probably good for me, and I watched most of Neil Young’s set from a nice relaxed spot where I could sit down and read my book.

And now, three weeks back – I’ve finally got “my UK bike” ready for some summer rides… battery was dead when I got back, and miscellaneous other upkeep bits to do – but hopefully this weekend, will get some miles on it, and see if my experience on “my NZ bike” has helped me get the knee down a bit lower.

2014-06-27 16.08.15
2014-06-06 11.49.09
2014-06-20 13.15.10