Really… suggestions for bike

Hungover.  For the first time in a very very long time.  Just learnt that I live in a guild-infested conspiracy nest.

And… I really do need some suggestions on which bike to buy.  My current train of thought is a relatively small engine… somewhere around the 600cc size, and pretty cheap – thinking I’ll upscale when I’m ready to do a bit of a tour around Europe (or the world).  Also – I seem to have a ‘thing’ against the ubiquitous Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki – although I’d be happy to be talked out of that.  And I’m also thinking I’ll pay the overhead to buy from a dealer… so I’ve got somebody to go back to if there’s issues.  So… current potentials…

  • Old school Triumph – bigger engine, but it doesn’t look too powerful, so it can’t be… right?
  • Little Ducati Monster Dark – I’m a little intrigued by this one, seems rather small – not as practical as others… but looks fun
  • Old school Motoguzzi – I’ve been hooked by blue motorcycles after I saw one on the way back from my final license test.  But this one – also the ‘classic’ styles…
  • Triumph Trident… again, steering away from the ‘sports’ style…
  • Triumph TT – a more sporty one – although superficial, I’m not sure on the yellow
  • And another Triumph – the Speed this time

So – any thoughts?  Anybody?  I really could do with some advice… it’s decisions like this where my indecisiveness/fence-sitting really kill me.  I’ve already thought of excuses to put this decision off for weeks.  And I also know… I need to buy from somewhere which has some choices… as once I go somewhere to look at/try a bike – I’m going to buy something… I’m not going to shop around.

Help!  Somebody decide for me.

Oh – and there is a new comment on my rant about snakes… with approximately the same mind-bending use of the english language as “evan smith”‘s.  An entry claiming to be from “facebook sluts110″ – which on first read appears to be a job offer, but with a link which leads to a Tumblr page teaching “The ultimate way to Be Successfully facebook of sex Single”.  And just try reading what the ultimate way is.  I can’t get past the heading without my head hurting.  I believe this kind of thing would normally be prevented by the Junk/Spam filter, but I can’t bear to condemn this one.  It’s just the perfect level of random crazy.  I particularly like the juxtaposition within point/suggestion #6… one sentence starting with “Getting facebook sluts…”, followed by one commencing “Prepare brownies together with the kids…”

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