Farewell to “the ‘Stans”

10 June – Kyrgyzstan – ~228 miles

A relatively long day today, getting the miles out of the way – setting up for tomorrow’s attempt at the China border. Some typically cool scenery on the way though, including skirting the south side of Issyk Kul – which seemed like a fairly large affair, but now that I look it up – not much chop. 7th deepest in the world, 10th largest by volume, and only makes 2nd largest even throwing in the “saline lake” qualifier (Although – considering the first is the Caspian Sea – I guess that’s not too bad), or the “mountain lake qualifier”.

Also the first properly cold day’s riding today… although the bike thermometer never got as low as the 4.0°C I’ve seen on several of the passes, it felt much colder than we’ve seen before. Enough for me to unpack the heated vest, charge the battery, in case tomorrow’s potentially hours’ long wait(s) at high altitude Chinese borders/checkpoints are equally cold.

Bike-in-front-of-landscape (Issy-Kul)
Bike-in-front-of-landscape (with Kruse)

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