Beijing 二 – Regrouping

Two weeks in Beijing – just trying to recover my senses, get organised for the next stage of travel, and then… hopefully, regain some momentum.

Finally got some stuff organised, to force myself back into action… primarily Train ticket to Mongolia, Visa for Mongolia (3rd attempt – success).

Other than that, just spent some very lazy days trying to reclaim some bad habits – eg: over-sleeping, day-drinking, and spending way too much money on over-priced over-hopped craft beers. I’m nearly there now… I’ve got the drinking parts down, but the over-sleeping – I’m still waking up ridiculously early, but then just pretending to sleep until silly hours, and then with some midday naps thrown in to top it up.
The absolutely stupid heat has helped with a lot of those ambitions(/anti-ambitions?). Walking out the hotel door into a furnace face-punch… leads one to quickly narrow down the options for the day to “where’s the nearest beer” and “perhaps I should just go back to the air-conditioned hotel room and lie down for a bit… perhaps with a beer”.

Did do a bit of walking around though, found a couple of parks, spent hours walking around dripping sweat while trying to find ATMs, restaurants, bars, etc.
And – finally ticked off one to-do item I had left surprisingly late – getting invited to drink with a table full of drunken locals – mostly older chaps – with the massive language barrier not being any impediment to plenty of “gan-bei”… or rather “gan-bei” being the default fallback option when attempts at communicating break down.

I should be in Mongolia on Wednesday, where I can perhaps finally do an update on that more commonly-used “social media” also. And – finally catch up on some youtube videos, I’ll probably spend the first night in UlaanBaatar just watching “Squidge Rugby” clips.

The only photo I’ve taken in the last 2 weeks

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