Villa de Leyva

28 Nov – Spent all day preparing to leave San Agustin.  Ate bad cold leftovers, packed bags, went into town, did the internet and lunch things.  Then – back to the hostel, and lazed in a hammock with cerveza for several hours – including a bit of a siesta in the sun.  Then, it started to rain just as it was getting near to time for me to walk down to the bus stop.  Paid my bill – over 50% of which was cerveza, and decided to walk down before the rain got heavier.  Got into a colectivo to Pitalito.  Pitalito had an actual bus station.  So, bought a ticket to Bogota, ate some dinner, and – of course – drank some cervezas while waiting for the bus.  Got onto the bus, and found amusement in how long it took people to find their seats, and the utter chaos involved – despite people having allocated seats.  Every single time, people start looking confused when they get to seat numbers 10/11 or so, despite it soon becoming obvious that their seat number is 25.  “Why isn’t 25 between 11 and 12?” their faces seem to say.  Every time there’s at least two people.  Depending on my mood, I either want to laugh out loud, or shake them.  Anyway – slept on the bus to Bogota, despite the little shit next to me assuming that his elbow had seat number 22, as well as his own ticket for 21.

So, early in the morning of 29 Nov, I arrive in Bogota.  Not wanting to spend time in Bogota again, I immediately buy a ticket for Villa de Leyva.  Which turns out to be leaving in 10 minutes.  So – off I go again.  But I discover, in Tunja, that the bus only goes as far as Tunja.  From there, I have to get another colectivo.  No problem – colectivo to Villa de Leyva.  Arrive in Villa de Leyva, and walk to the main plaza.  Find an internet cafe to do some research on places to stay.  Discover the place I was intending, has closed down.  Jot down notes on others.  Then, I run into Arizonian Matt – one of the chaps from the San Agustin jeep tour.  Sit down and have a beer with him, and some food.  Starving – I scoff down a big messy burger in about 30 seconds.  He’s staying at another tranquil place outside of town.  So, he leads me there.  Another cool place with gardens, hammocks, beer in the fridge, etc.  But not as stinking-dirty-hippie-ish as the place in San Agustin.  Have a beer to recover from the walk there.  Matt had told me it was 7 minutes, with a bit of uphill at the end.  It was actually about 15 minutes, the entire thing uphill.  Bastard.  More cerveza, and a bit of sitting in the sun, a small siesta, and then more hammock time.  With book and MP3 player.  Sweet.  Into town, dinner, a couple of cervezas while watching a Phil Collins concert on DVD, and then back to the hostel.  Chat for a while with Matt and another seppo.  More cervezas.  And a nice early night.

And that’s two fairly uneventful days.  Lots of relaxing, and lots of travelling.  I’m looking forward to getting to Santa Marta, so I can do the Lost City trek – and see something big and impressive again.  Next update should be from Santa Marta, as even though Villa de Leyva is pretty and nice and tranquil – there’s not much to do.  Nature walks.  Pah.  I got nature at home.  So, currently watching NZ thrash the yarpies.  Then, hopefully my guess on when buses leave from Tanja to Santa Marta is correct.

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