01 Nov-10 Nov – Waiting in Quito for my credit card.  Am about to spend my last cash tonight for my bartab.  Have possibly gone over my balance already – but lovely Ursula has offered to lend me cash until the card arrives.  Hopefully she wasn’t drunk at the time, and still remembers.

In other news, I got a phone call from the National Bank.  Turns out somebody has spent just over $2,300 New Zealand dollars on my card.  And the nice lady from the fraud department suggested that the manner of my losing my card was my own fault, and therefore I’m going to be liable for the money spent.  Wrote an email to them last night while rather intoxicated, but wisely waited until tonight so I could check what I’d written.  Wasn’t too bad when I did check it.  Had to describe the exact circumstances through which I lost my card.  I don’t think it’s going to go down too well.  And using the free internet at Finn McCools to write important emails to my bank which will decide whether or not I lose over 2 grand is possibly not a good idea.

Anyway, other events have been… guy turning up at hostel at 4am, in tears.  I stay up all night talking to him, and consoling him.  Girlfriend had beaten him up.  Nice.  Two nights later, acting as a bouncer here at Finns, stopping the ex-military Rick from killing a very drunk Arsetralian who’d just grabbed a glass off somebody and then deliberately dropping it on the ground.  Rick is like me in that he feels that this pub is his house, and the people here his family.  I had to use that in order to stop him from going nuts.  “This is my house too – and you’re not going to do anything in my house… your house.”

As well as being bouncer, counsellor, and all round good guy – have done a couple stints of relationship counselling, and a little bit of security escort for people between the bar and the hostel.  There’s been a few dodgy incidents in the street immediately outside my hostel over the last week. Have stopped carrying my passport with me – and hoping that if the police talk to me, they’ll accept the option of coming to the hostel to inspect my identification.  I believe that the law states they must – but the law here is rather, ummm, fluid.

Anyway, must go.  Necessito tengo una juego de pool, e mas cerveza.  Mas cerveza qual no tengo deniro para.  Caio.

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