First peek at Afghanistan

27 May – Tajikistan – ~218 miles

A day of solid riding, stunning scenery, plenty of nice-ish curvy roads to suit the scenery, and then a good solid dose of dirt/gravel/potholes to get in practice for the coming weeks.
The afternoon was spent riding along the Afghanistan border… right alongside the river, which is the border. And while the scenery on the Tajiki side was awesome – Afghanistan looks spectacular. Anything on the far side of the river in the later half of photos below – Afghani.
Also had a couple of reasonably long tunnels – 2km, and 4km, that I can recall… but they had decent lighting, and nowhere near the fear-factor of “The Tunnel of DEATH!”.
Our hotel tonight – in Kailikhum / Darvoz / Qalaikhumb – overlooks Afghanistan, including what seems to be some sort of military/militia-style compound.

A lake
A bit of an horizon
Bad junction to go “off-route”
Scenery. Innit?
Afghanistan looks pretty
The locals’ theory on the “safer” way to pour petrol into a motorcycle

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