Into Tajikistan

24 May – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – ~37 miles

A very short day riding-wise – just crossing the border from Uzbekistan into Tajikistan. Apparently this border is only very recently open for “tourist” type crossings… so nobody had any idea how long it might take. It turned out to be rather painless – I believe the last of us were through in well under 4 hours.

Which means we’ve arrived in the town of Penjikent – very early. And Penjikent does not have much in the line of sights or attractions.
So – after a wander around town to confirm there’s absolutely zero to see or do, finding a bite to eat, and watching the last couple of episodes of the latest TV fad… it’s 4pm, and I’ve run out of things to do.
And internet is still extremely slow – so not much point in trying to retrospectively upload photos.
I guess I could try to sift through video footage… but I’ll return to that idea if/when/after I find a beer (itself, looking problematic).

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