Into Xi’an

06 July – China (Shaanxi) – ~120 miles

A short ride into Xian, where we’ve got an entire 3 nights in the same bed.
75 miles of awesome road, twisties through greenery, following rivers – and a little bit of a wrong turn which took me through a panda-park. Many times during today’s ride, I thought “this could be New Zealand”.
And then 45 miles of just highway and city.
Even with the short ride – it was hot enough that I’d resolved to get a swim in, near the end of the 75 miles… but just as I’d decided “next place I see, I’m in…” – the road climbed, the way to the river started being blocked by fences and cliffs… and I never got my shot.

Now in Xian – staying across the road from the central Bell Tower – my view is directly onto the thing. Went searching in the laowei-bar district for any place showing the Super-Rugby final, but couldn’t find it. Instead – a couple of the local craft beers at Xian’s sole brewpub – where the staff seemed to find such an idea a huge distraction from their planned itinerary of doing nothing.

The cellphone was dead today, so photos had to be taken on the backup old-school camera, and therefore of minimal quantity and quality… but here’s all of them…

Random spot on the side of the road
View from the spot where I’d definitely made up my mind to go for a swim the next chance I got… never
Some weird little “fishing for carp” park
View from my hotel bed

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