Japan – Week #6

Hakone – some average waterfalls, and a short boat trip on Lake Ashi.

Yokohama – to watch rugby. Sad.

Kyoto – to tick off the UNESCO World Heritage sites… the Golden Temple, Nijo Castle, and assorted others.

A short stop at Nara, to see what that’s got (what it had, was a food/beer festival amongst all the deer it’s famous for), before heading onwards…

Back to Osakaagain. More eating of poisonous fugu, and drinking at the small standing bar I’d established as my Osaka local.

(Yeah – updates are getting a little short, but there’s a backlog that I’d quite like to get rid of… so just notes to remind me of context for photos)

Lake Ashi – Queen Ashinoko (?)
Lake Ashi
Great Ginkgo Tree
Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle Gardens
Nijo Castle

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