Lovin’ Tajikistan

28 May – Tajikistan – ~168 miles

A day of mostly gravel roads, apparently a “tester” for the next couple of riding days.
But first – a day off in Khorog – so we can all check our bikes and bodies for how we coped with the last day-and-a-bit… before what is promised to be some truly punishing un-maintained roads through the Wukhan Valley.
And – it was again some spectacular scenery. Valleys at altitude, surrounded by mountains, continuing to follow the Panj River, which is the border between us and Afghanistan. I stopped for a bit of a swim in the Panj… apparently the only one who did so, and it seemed not many people had done it before.
Planning on doing it again tomorrow… although the temperature of the water was what one would expect from snow-melt – it was a refreshing break from the rather hot air temperature. Even with a couple of local kids creepily watching me the entire time.

Random spot on the road
A vista
My view while taking a dip
Creepy local kids

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