Mongolia, shiny new Shineray

Dashinchilen – 220km

Day#1 on my “rebound bike”. And after the Tiger, she just doesn’t compare. But, the best I can do for now.

Late start to the day… sheer laziness on my part, then a delay in getting a taxi, who then got lost – not listening to me telling him exactly where to go, then a distraught lady managing the bike rental place. Had no record of my “booking”, but found all my emails – and evidently decided I’d obviously tried to book, just nothing official. She then gave me a big rant about people hiring the bikes, bringing them back dented/broken… all claiming “nothing’s their fault… they say Mongolia has bad roads, that our suggested itinerary put them on dirt roads, blah blah…”. I think she was a little flustered by the fact she had 2 brand new (0 km on clock) bikes sitting there, and she was going to have to give one to me. I tried to namedrop “London to Beijing”, but couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.

But, eventually, did the paperwork, got my brand spanking new Shineray 150, packed up some dodgy looking cheap panniers bags (all the good ones being out-and-about), and headed off.

My camel, and free-range camels
A ger, home to more bugs than I care to remember

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