Tibet-Sichuan Highway – Farewell to Tibet

28 June – China (Tibet-Sichuan) – ~160 miles

Final day in Tibet… and it gave us a fitting goodbye.
Three passes – 5,090m, 3,926m, 4,360m.
Some beautiful scenery,
a high road following the near-top of a ravine,
and then 40 miles of Chinese roadworks.

Chinese roadworks are fun… lots of torn up road, gravel, dirt, mud, dust, traffic, for 40 miles, but no rules. Just overtaking trucks because I can ride on the dirt/broken-stuff faster than they can on the tarmac; ducking around and under diggers; LandRovers who think they’re the best and fastest thing on the road (to be put back in their box by an over-eager Tiger-rider); and just general chaos. So much fun.

Ended up in Batang, Sichuan. Only casualty of the chaos was one chap losing a pannier when a 360-digger turned around and knocked him sideways… no major damage.

Happy Birthday Mum.

Yaks-in-river, bike-in-background
About to ride this road… knowing there’s not a single vehicle for the length I can see
Looking far ahead to some awesome road
One near-final view of Tibet

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