2 days in UB… just doing little bits-n-pieces.

National History Museum… interesting, partly in that Chinggis Khan was hardly mentioned. A relatively small place, laid out mostly as a History Museum, so walking through the major periods of Mongolia history. The section involving being a Soviet puppet was odd… some displays not-so-subtly showing that Soviet Russia pretty much tricked them, and then were bastards… alongside displays obviously showing pride in Mongolias achievements during that period.

Central Museum of Dinosaurs… Dinosaurs!

State Shopping Mall… reminded me of a giant “Farmers” from 1980s NewZealand. Bought a gas cooking stove, and some overpriced shorts… preparing for the upcoming 3 weeks.

Mongolia craft beers… haven’t found any that taste good yet. There seems to be a large German influence here, including beers, so “craft breweries” are just making classic bland German varieties. Boo.

Some Temple/Museum – reminding me how nasty/violent the imaginations of Buddhists are. Whoever did the painting of the “8 Hot Hells” (there are also 8 cold ones) – did it after the firearm/rifle was invented. And had a fascination with demons firing rifles at (/into)… the “rear end” of victims on all fours. Nobody had espoused any theories as to any subtle Freudian revelations from such artwork. The throne of the local Lama also had paper-mache bodies of tortured sinners adorning the ceiling, and strung out around the walls.

Every 1st of the month is “dry” in Mongolia. So, I went to the “pub” I’d visited on first night, looking to just eat. They poured me a beer, which was great, until I looked up a few minutes later to see a policeman changing a lightbulb for them right in front of me. Nobody seemed to worry, and nobody was arrested, but the management did suggest I eat my dinner in the “VIP” room if I was to have more beers.

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