Quick update for those who like to know where I am.  Just in case I go missing – and you need a starting point for the search party… have let laziness do my thinking for me.  Am staying in Juangriego, Margarita Island – for two more nights.  Original thought was to take up offer from guy I was talking to last night – a 6 or 8 hour taxi tour of island, with english speaking guide.  Really want to see west side of island, but it’s pretty much deserted.  Instead, am now going to go to Parlamar in a couple of days, and hire a scooter.  So – today was sloth.  Went to bus station, changed my mind, came back.  To delight of hotel owner.  Have spent afternoon drinking cerveza with him, and old french guy.  About to watch famous sunset.  So – Juangriego, Margarita Island for two more nights.

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