Xian – the last “break” in riding before the final push into Beijing.

Went to see the Terracotta Warriors with the rest of the group – hoping that in the 15 years since I saw them, they’d have progressed with excavating more of them.
Nope. They’ve spent the last 15 years building a commercial complex out the front – complete with all the tourist-tat which used to be pushed in your face by hawkers; and big gaudy KFC, Subway, McDonalds, etc, etc.
The actual archeological site(s) – looked exactly the same as my hazy old memories, down to the information plaque explaining that the Chinese had discovered chrome-plating 2,200 years before Germany in 1930s and Americans in 1950s… “How awesome it is!”.

Group dinner last night, at a place specialising in dumplings. Including many dumplings which resemble the contents… duck dumplings twisted to look like a duck, pork dumplings with little pig faces on them, etc, etc. And several beers had in the night heat down in the bar-quarter.

And other than that – just a lazy day today. Shopping in the market for some fake-brand-name bags to shift all the luggage into in about a week’s time. Let some fish eat all the filth off my feet – which would have been a feast for them, after an hour or two of wandering around Xi’an in (very slippery) jandals in the rain.
Couldn’t find the area of town which I’m sure last time had establishments aggressively selling “mah-sah-jay! mah-sah-jay!”

Terracotta Army – same as 15 years ago
Bronze Chariot
The guy seemed quite happy with me putting my filthy, filthy, feet straight in.

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