Escape From London

Looking forward, very very much, to flying out of here tomorrow night.  It’s very, very cold outside (was a chance of snow warned today) – and checking the weather, it is scheduled to be heavy rain in Wellington for the next four days – and yet the predicted minimum temperature is still three times the midday temperature here.  And although I’m not going to Wellington – I figure further north has got to be even warmer.  Meanwhile – Perth is breaking heatwave records.  So yeah, sweet.

But yes – looking forward very much to several things.  It not being cold.  A CD store.  I’m planning on finding a CD store in Auckland airport – before I even pick up my rental car.  I have a growing list of stuff to buy, and looking forward to paying for some music for the first time since my last trip home.  And – of course, the little niece – who by all accounts is all grown up now.  That’s going to be scary.  What if she doesn’t like me?  I’ll have to remind her that she was the only person in the whole world to get a christmas present from me this year.  What else am I looking forward to?  That’s probably it – except for the normal stuff.  Seeing family, friends, New Zealand, driving – for the first time in a long time.  Oh – and duty-free.  Since I lost my camera on the train back from Scotland – I need to buy a new one of them.  And there’s a certain whisky which I believe is only sold in duty-free stores, of which I would quite like a wee dram.  And – of course, the kiwi accent.  Looking forward to that.  The arsetralian one – not so much.  And the grand total of about 3 days on planes, or at airports – within a holiday period of 17 days.  Sweet.  And – currently scheduled to land at Heathrow at 5:25am, and appear at work a few hours later.  For a full day of productivity… yep.

Anyway – looking forward to 2 weeks of very very short visits to people.  I’ll be back in May though – when I will be making a more leisurely/relaxed visit.

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