2011 1/2

So – we’re over halfway through the year – which is the time for the usual “oh my, hasn’t this year just gone so fast”, “oh lordy, where has this year gone?”, “holy emmer-effing shit, it’s July!”, “oh god, I’ve achieved nothing”, all that jazz.

So, yeah – all those thoughts ran through my head – and I assuaged some of it, and accentuated the rest – by putting up photos for the year thus far.  There is a distinct lack of them.  On one level – a notable lack of events for which I have any photos at all – demonstrating my lack of doing anything recently.  And on another level – a lack of photos for what events/places I have attended – due to my recent reluctance in actually taking photos, and generally assuming I can just take copies of other people’s photos later.  Which I never get around to doing.  So yeah – if anybody’s got good photos from the last several years – please send them through.  Or organise some kind of luncheon/dinner event – where we can all bring CDs/flash-drives/etc – like proper 21st century nerds – and swap photos and what-not.

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