A Right Royal Fairytale

Quick question – did anybody else come down suddenly with a horrible. horrible cold (or other affliction) as of yesterday?

I’m just thinking – it’s a bit much of a coincidence that on the same day of a “fairy-tale event” – I happen to get hit with a monster of a cold.  Innit?  I smell a witch somewhere.  But now I have to ask – which side of the fence is this witch on?  Is there some bitter twisted hag out there who cursed all the folk in England yesterday – thereby accidentally catching me?  Or is the Baroness of Carrickfergus herself a wicked witch – who cursed me for not being part of the masses who lined the streets or watched excitedly for the first glimpse of her dress?  (Speaking of which – wearing white?  Puh-lease!)

In either case – I vote for a good old fashioned witch-hunt, followed by a burning at the stake.  Or – is a fiery car-crash the modern equivalent… MI6?

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