All The World’s A Sandbox, And All The Actors Merely Toys

So, still unemployed. And another weekend out and about. Mike’s birthday – so some wine and such at a little wine bar. Then, watched England beat France at a local bar. Infuriating. Met some nice local folk though – and to be fair, England deserved the win. Read some newspaper man write an article saying that if it takes two awful performances to provide one good one, then the upside is that they will beat NZ in Auckland. If so – I hope I’m still unemployed.

Anyway – after this – Dom took us to another bar. Turned out to be full of actors/actresses. Aspiring, of course. But you know how these folk are, they actually believe they really are actors/actresses. After a little while, I got bored – and decided to have some fun. Didn’t take me long. Within one minute, I had a group of folk hanging off my every word. All I did was mention that I was from New Zealand, newly arrived, with a ‘new project’ in mind. ‘Looking for some local talent’. All very vaguely. Far too easy. Suddenly I realised an unforeseen side-effect – free drinks. Got pretty tired of the constant sucking-up though – and by that time it was just Mike & I remaining. I decided on one more suggestion, to show my power over them to Mike. Got a James Dean lookalike to ask the piano player to sing Happy Birthday for Mike. Done. James Dean had asked me to promise many times that I wouldn’t leave without getting his details. He must have been gutted when Mike & I snuck away.

Then – I trusted Mike with getting home. Silly. He couldn’t focus enough to read the bus maps. So – we got on a random one. Silliness ensues. Eventually we got off somewhere, and got a taxi. And then Mike went to play football. Badly, by the sounds of it. And that was last weekend.

This weekend – nothing so exciting. Could have gone to the Sicilian bar. I got an SMS message during the week – asking who ‘Kruse’ was, and why I was in this chap’s cellphone contacts. I figured it must be either the kiwi we met a couple of weeks back, or the chap I sat at the bar with the weekend previous. After a little while we figured it was the latter. I believe the chap was a little gutted that ‘Kruse’ didn’t turn out to be female. He let me know that he was going to be at the same bar last night anyway – but I stayed in for an exciting night of nothing.

Oh – caught up with an old friend from high school on Thursday also. Did the normal thing of comparing which other people we’d seen since school. Luckily Pen wasn’t there, or else she’d have used it as justification for her doing similar every time she’s in the same room as a fellow Palmy Girls’ alumni. Our chat only lasted one hour or so though.

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