Broken Wheelbarrows

Is there anything that looks quite as pathetic as a broken wheelbarrow? Whether it’s missing it’s wheel, or a handle, or a leg, or the entire ‘barrow’ – it just looks sad. I’ve never hugged a wheelbarrow – but I felt an overwhelming urge to hug the one I saw out the window today – all upside-down and missing a wheel. I fought off the urge.

I’m kind of feeling like a broken wheelbarrow at the moment. Had my first face-to-face job interview during the week – followed a couple of days later by my first real rejection. My previous rejection didn’t count – as it was for a team leader job. This was actually a job I would have been good at. But I failed. Oh well. Got another phone interview on Monday – for the world’s largest online bingo company. Oh yeah.

Also applied for a job for a ‘household name in sporting entertainment’. The only group I can think of which describes itself as “sporting entertainment” is professional wrestling. I’d be pretty happy if I could tell people I worked for online bingo, or for pro-wrestling. And imagine the perks/discounts accompanying either!

In other news – Pen has gone to NZ. So – if you’re in NZ, then you’ll either be seeing her soon, or you can assume that she doesn’t like you.

And yesterday there was a barbecue at Setal’s place. A barbecue in England – yeah… good luck. Cooking in the rain, small flat packed full of people. But… lots of food, some drinks, chit-chat, and an ‘enry.

And that’s about it. But remember – $1 a week to you is just a can of crap soft drink. To a broken wheelbarrow – it could be a new life.

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