Everything’s fine

I’m well and truly back into the daily grind of working life.  Therefore, nothing much to report.  Not that anybody will be reading this anyway, as it seems that anybody looking at this website recently will have been quite pleased to notice it tried to give them a virus.  And those who didn’t notice that, well – you’ve probably actually got the virus.  But if that’s the case – it serves you right.  Who doesn’t have a virus checker nowadays?

Yes – seems somebody deemed my website worthy of hacking – and put a nasty little piece of code in one of my updates, directing people to another page which attempted to install a virus.  I’ve deleted the code – but I believe there may still be the page somewhere on my web server.  Haven’t found it yet – but should be harmless without the link to it.  Fun and games.

Other than that, like I said, ho-hum working life.  Get up earlier that I’d like, shower/dress, walk to the station, get in a giant metal snake with all the other sheep, get out at another cattle yard, walk to work, then sit at desk daydreaming about the days when I’d get up earlier than I’d like, dress, walk to the station, get in an antique bus driven by a lunatic, get out at a dirt road, walk around trying to find somewhere to sleep, then sit at a dingy bar surrounded by people speaking a foreign language.  And then the same process in reverse.  Every day.

Of course, once one thinks about this, one runs the danger of becoming one of those lunatics who fantasise about winning a lottery.  To circumvent the chance of me being a “when I win lotto/bingo/at-the-gee-gees” chump, I instead put my mind to thinking about crime.  A good solid well-planned white-collar heist is far more likely to get me rich enough to quit this working crap than some lottery.

But, enough of that.  Don’t want to give away too much.  Instead, we’ll talk about sheep – to keep the people who delight in telling boring trite “so-last-millenium” sheep jokes about New Zealanders.  Specifically – lamb.  Warning to vegetarians – I’m about to describe the delightful sensation of biting off, chewing, and swallowing the warm flesh of little fluffy lambs.  Because it is delightful.  Imagine eating brocolli – but if instead of being horrible, it was good.  Very very good.  I’ve eaten lamb about a dozen times in the last two weeks, in one guise or another.  Two weekends based around lamb roasts.  After the first – I made the comment that I wanted to go and kill every lamb in the world, so I could eat them all up.  But leave some breeders, I guess.  It was unanimously agreed as “The worst thing you’ve ever said that everybody agrees with”.  Lamb is yum.

And that’s about all from me.  Yes, it’s been a month – and yes, it’ll probably be another month before I write anything more.  But – working life is boring.  I could tell you about all the little things that happen during each working week – but frankly, I find them boring and trivial beyond belief – so even if I thought you might be interested for some reason, it doesn’t matter.  I flush them from my mind as soon as possible.  Which is why anytime somebody asks me “How was your day?”, or “How was work?”, or “How is your job going?” – I really don’t know.  So, next time you ask that – and I reply “Fine” – I actually mean “Haven’t got a clue.  Forgotten already.  Cleared my mind of that crap as soon as I hit open air.”

Although – I should find somewhere to live in the next month – so that might be noteworthy.  Then you can ask me how my place is, and I’ll respond “Fine”.

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