lots of Sport recently.

Last weekend – went out and played some myself, in fact.  A bit of the old lawn bowls.  Not very good at first, but I’ve got a fair bit of lawn bowls in the blood – and eventually Justin & I ran out clear winners.  After this – a few drinks in some park, on what I believe is expected to be the best summer day in London thus far, if not for the entire summer.  And – to be fair – it was rather good.  After this – off to Clapham, and a party at Chook’s place.  Some more sport there – in the form of bouncing young girls on the knee.  So – not sure which was the culprit, but woke up on Monday morning with very sore legs.  To be honest, I haven’t done much extreme sport such as lawn bowls for a while, nor bouncing of young girls on the knee – so realistically either could be at fault.  (And no – I can’t say who the young girl was, as she has a very protective big brother.)

Tuesday – went to see the Twenty20 warm-up match between New Zealand and Australia.  I turned up when New Zealand were 7 for 3, and soon we were 21 for 5.  Starting to look like a waste of money – but it ended up being a relatively close game.  Much like the first actual game of the tournament.  Watched England vs the Netherlands at my local pub.  That was rather entertaining – especially when the entire pub erupted with cheers when Netherlands got the final runs.  Well – not quite the entire pub.  A group of 3 young chaps had walked in about 5 minutes earlier.  They left about 10 seconds later.

And yesterday – was meaning to go see NZ vs Scotland – as it’s at the Oval, and the local pub manager thought he might get free tickets for me – but I ended up working throughout the morning.  Didn’t remember there was a game on until after 12.  Checked the score on the internet – and got a little worried.  Went to the pub for some lunch, and managed to watch our brave Black Caps chase down the total with ease.  And then, was cheered up even more watching the West Indies beat Australia.

And then – there’s the rugby.  The big talk here, of course, is the British amp; Irish Lions tour.  As is the way with the newspapers in this country – they slammed the Lions after the near-loss to some make-shift team last Saturday.  And then – after a big win – everything was roses.  The bit I especially enjoyed was reading a column where somebody said something along the lines of Yes – putting 70-odd points against a Super 14 team is something special.  The same newspapers which previously claimed that the Super 14 and all rugby Southern Hemisphere is rubbish.  And, completely forgetting that this particular Super 14 team is the one which regularly ends in the bottom 3.  Anyway – it looks like it’s going to be amusing when the Lions eventually play the Springboks.  Unfortunately, I won’t be here to read the newspapers, and tease the locals.

Because… I’m going to be in Australia & New Zealand.  Getting sick of this weather which is nearly like summer – so going to visit a good old New Zealand winter.  So, for those who didn’t already know – I’ll be flying to Melbourne – getting in on 21st June, or similar.  Up to Brisbane on Wednesday or so.  Then – to New Zealand on Monday (29th?) or so – for nearly two weeks.  Have to get back to Melbourne somehow, to fly out 10th or 11th.  So – bidding starts now for a visit from Kruse.

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