Winter drags on

Still winter.  Apparently the vernal quinox this year is the 20th March – after which date I’m assuming there will be sunshine.  And no more snow.  Snow in March, what the hell?

I prematurely gambled on the weather warming up last week – shaving off the February beard, and optimistically stopped wearing an overcoat to work.  That lasted about two days.

Enough inane chit-chat about the weather.

Have refrained from buying any tickets to gigs this year… although a few have really piqued my interest.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in particular, curating All Tomorrow’s Parties this year.  But – will I be in the UK, or on a plane headed to NZ?  I do not know, and therefore I won’t book any tickets one way or the other.

Gigs I’ve been to this year though, with tickets bought last year – or because it was free… Brad, Frightened Rabbit, and Fargo Fatale.  Brad was good, I was disappointed with Frightened Rabbit, and Fargo Fatale was also good… brilliant self-indulgent birthday party.

Haven’t taken the Spectre out this year yet.  I’ve wanted to – I don’t want to be a fair-weather only rider… but I figure as an inexperienced rider, snow’s probably not a good idea.  And I had the key sitting on my desk this morning, to remind me to at least start her up today… but it seems I may have a broken foot.  So I’m currently trapped in my apartment, and nobody has heeded any of my text messages asking for crutches to be brought.  This is worrying – as this coincides with my wine ‘cellar’ being very nearly dry.  And, the end of my “grocery cycle”.  Trapped, with limited food, limited booze (relatively), and nobody to do errands for me.  The only places I’ve found to sell me crutches wouldn’t ship until Monday (and therefore arrive on Tuesday).  I tried the ironing board… didn’t work as well as I would have expected.  I am bang in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world, and I’m going to starve (or sober – that’s a verb now) to death.

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