Adriatic Coast

23 April — Slovenia – Croatia, 310 miles

Sleeping slightly better, finally realising I’m in this, whatever concerns I may have.
First day of adverse weather – rain in the morning, scary winds in the evening.

~85 miles of boring Slovenian motorways, in the rain… took me a while to gather up some speed.
~25 miles of boring Croatian motorways
~112 miles of awesome coastal roads
~44 miles of Croatian motorway in terrifying winds
Before the decision to leave the motorway, and do the final ~44 miles on some more coast, but mostly stuck behind traffic, and too tired to enjoy

Arrived in Trogir fairly late, which was a shame – as it seems an awesome inner city to walk around (lost… perpetually lost, in one of those old, old cities within the old walls with alleyways and semi-alleyways that just baffle one’s directional sense). Another UNESCO site off the list, but, albeit without full appreciation.

Finally plastered some stickers on the bike

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