La Payunia

Today Kruse went to Mordor.

Hello there all.  Today, I went to La Payunia.  Nearly didn´t.  The photos didn´t look particularly interesting.  Sure, supposed to be the least known, but best landscapes in Argentina.  Sure, seven or eight hundred volcanos in the region.  But… didn´t look that special.  Also, guide I´d decided to go with (through indecision/inaction rather than anything else) – nearly cancelled due to me being the only interested party.  But, then the dutch turned up – and all was saved.  A bit pricier than originally quoted – but I decided I might as well.

Took some photos, kinda impressive landscape.  Ran out of batteries – and replacement Eveready´s wouldn´t work.  Then – over each rise was a more spectacular sight.  This place was awesome.  The advertising photos didn´t do it justice, so I doubt my own ones will.  But at least through some biting of batteries and other tricks, I managed to take all the photos I wanted.

Argentina could have been used for Lord Of The Rings.  This place was pre-made for it.  The reserve is pretty much what happens when a heap of volcanoes get together, and just party until they drop.  Black volcanic rock/ash everywhere.  Lava streams – big & small.  Big volcanoes, little volcanoes.  Broken volcanoes,  intact volcanoes.  Black volcanoes, red volcanoes.  I climbed a red one.  It´s side had fallen out, and a huge stream of lava had emerged.  Big, big stream of lava.

Was hoping to upload photos tonight, and even got close.  But computer crashed, and realised that with the speed here, it might take all night.

I also saw a llama.  And a baby llama.  Many many goats.  Held an armadillo.  It did poose.  Ummm…. flamingoes, lizard, no snakes.  Saw some volcanoes.  And some oil rigs.  Got sunburnt and windburnt.  Spent quite some time trying to explain to my hostel owner that I had a silly plastic red tennis-racquet type thing (my electrified fly/mosquito-swat) on my bed when I left, and not when I returned.  Trying to ask if he knew where it might be (assuming kids had taken it to play with, and trying not to sound accusatory).  Finally, somehow, he clicked.  And it had been locked away from the chicos.  He did click quite soon after I said (I think) “It´s not expensive, but I like very much.”

Cerveza time now.  Actually well past, but I get lost on the single main street of this town everytime I walk down the bloody thing.  Really quite odd.  I think I might be distracted by the boy racers having a contest of who can drive slowest (they´re really rather good), or the pick-up trucks, or the gangs of pre-pubescent boys acting extremely machismo.  Excellently machismo.  Hassling waitresses and any other girl.

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