Rio de Janeiro – still

02 June

Spent entire day downloading two of the rugby games played that morning.  Then trying to burn them onto DVD so we could watch them on the big screen.  Lots of problems, turned out to be impossible.  Not just ‘too hard for me’, but ‘impossible’, okay?  Instead, waited until late, when nobody wanted to use internet – and watched it on computer monitor.  Oh – and did I mention last time that when we hiked through forest to see good views of Rio – it was through the largest urban forest IN THE WORLD?  And that when we went to the statue of Jeebers, it is the second largest statue IN THE WORLD?

03 June

Find some New Zealand wine in store.  Oyster Bay – about R$100.  Something a little cheaper, R$60.  Too expensive for me.  I buy a bottle of Brasilian wine for around R$20.  Go to the ‘Hippy Market’, and don’t buy anything.  Then, I justify to myself going back to hostel and drinking wine while watching DVDs with the fact that it’s a Sunday afternoon and raining.  Several people have similar idea, and go buy some more wine & chocolate.  I end up being unable to finish my third bottle.

04 June

Shaved.  Blunt razor, two weeks of growth – takes me about an hour.  Maybe more.  Nearly convinced myself I’d done enough for the day – but not quite.  Walked to Copocabana beach, and sat at beachside stall for some food.  Guy didn’t have change for a 50, so had to stay and drink some more caipirinhas until my bill was high enough.  Oh well.  I think I prefer Ipanema beach, and Ipanema beach caipirinhas.

On way back to hostel, discover another oirish pub.  Called “The Irish Pub”.  Drinks are same price as first spud pub I found – but have a special of buy 2 pints of Guinness, get one free.  Sweet – I’m actually making money.  I go in, drink some Guinness, talk rugby, etc.  Much nicer pub than other spud pub.  More genuine/nice appearance, more genuine/nice barman, more genuine/nice patrons.  I end up going through 6 Guinnesses, before (of course) corner bar for a couple of beers and food.  Trying for early night – but again fail.

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