Quito Quito Quito

11-15 Nov – And still here. Have a credit card, so can leave. But haven’t yet. Hopefully will on Monday or Tuesday. But have figured out I will probably return anyway – as flights from here are about a third of those from Bogota.

Pete, a ginga englishman left recently. He’d been here longer than me. And the pub threw a party for him – decorations everywhere. Model of him on the ceiling. Etcetera.

Had my first night behind a bar, serving people other than myself. Discovered something more I’m not good at. But think I improved hugely over the night. And people walking in, seeing me on the wrong side of the bar, were usually left in stitches, once they realised I wasn’t just stealing booze for myself. And it was good fun. Harder work than I expected – but still fun. And hardly any time to actually drink anything myself – which can only be a good thing.

Also – my website seems to have disk space stolen from it. So I can’t empty my inbox, or receive emails, or update photos, or anything. Except this – hopefully – as the space should already exist, inside a database. Hopefully. So – please send emails to my hotmail account, or my gmail account. Gmail account starts with krusekruse.

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