Quito Still, But About To Escape

16-20 Nov – Yes, I’m still in Quito.  With the same daily schedule.  Get up around 6pm, maybe eat something, maybe shower, then head to Finn McCools to drink beer, play pool, and chat with all-comers until closing time.  Repeat.

But – some variations.  Organised a pool tournament on Sunday night.  Badly – eventually publicised it the day beforehand.  So – on the night, it was pretty much the staff, and the regulars who can be depended on to be here every night.  Like me.  I didn’t win.  Was given food poisoning though – just like the All Blacks.  Ursula took me to get some chinese just beforehand.  Spicy chinese didn’t go down too well, after 5 weeks of eating nothing but irish stew, shepherds pie, and sandwiches.  I’m pretty sure Ursula did this on purpose.  She didn’t win either – but that’s not the point.  I got knocked out in the semi’s by Gus.  All due to food poisoning.  Bastard cheating Irish sticking together.  Once again though, they eventually got defeated by the english.

Am currently planning on getting a bus north at 5am on Thursday morning.  Have to stay here for tomorrow, so that I can make sure everybody in the hostel comes to this pub for the england gayball game.  Then returning to Quito by the 20th December – so that I can either fly out of here on the 23rd, or – if there’s no tickets left – sometime between Jeebersmas and New Years, after cooking a Jeebersmas dinner for the pub on Jeebersmas Day.

Well – that’s all for now.  Hopefully the next update will be entitled something other than “Quito”.

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