Still Quito

01-04 Nov – Same old.  Except rather more sedate.  Not much point in doing daily updates – as each day has consisted of sleeping in as much as possible, eating, and then going to good old Finn McCools for some pool and chatting with people.  Only breaks in the routine have been:

– my credit card is gone.  Which means I’m stuck here until a replacement arrives.  Not too upset about that really – as I was finding it difficult to find motivation to leave.  Now I have an excuse to stay without feeling guilty.  And when I do get a replacement – it will definitely be time to move on.  But – how my credit card is gone.  I used it as a bond while I borrowed two wine glasses from a nearby cafe/bar.  When I returned the glasses, they told me the card was gone.  Have cancelled it of course – and it doesn’t look like anybody managed to do anything dodgy with it.

– the other extraordinary happening, Finn’s was closed last night!  It really was a devastating thing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Apparently there were people wandering listlessly all over the nearby streets – asking each other if they knew what was going on.  Not sure if it’s a bad reflection on ourselves – or a good reflection on how much of a homely place the pub has become.  And it was supposed to be the day when I’d have a go at working behind the bar.  Ursula wants me to work behind the bar.  Lee wants to hire me as a bouncer.  Or wants me to get by until my credit card arrives by hustling pool.  Me – I’m trying to eat as much as possible at the hostel so that the cost goes on my account.  And have moved into a private room, seeing as I’m here for a while longer.

Pen – don’t worry, I’m not going to settle down here and become a fulltime barman in Ecuador.  Will really get moving as soon as possible.

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