My German fortune cookie:   “You are quite organized in your business relations”

(I opened/read that, while sitting on my couch, in my pants (in the english sense of the word), trying to work – struggling because of what I suspect is a broken finger – from being what I believe is referred to as “falling down drunk” last night.)

Anyway – yeah, ummm… went to Germany last week, for a spot of work.  I felt like I wasted my and everybody else’s time… but apparently the folks were pleased.  Didn’t see much of the country – staying in an apartment on the office ‘campus’ – 30 minute walk to the local village, Kronberg.  Spent Friday night in Frankfurt itself, had a wee look around on Saturday before flying home.  Good market, Frankfurt.  With yerba mate, chocolate covered coffee beans, wasabi peas, and fish from New Zealand, apparently -and a free gift of stereotype-affirming fortune cookie.

Other stereotypical things I checked off…. schnitzel, frankfurters, beer. green sauce, sauerkraut.

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