Into Asia

01 May – Turkey, 264 miles

After a couple of days of non-riding, straight tourism in Istanbul – back on the bike. A ferry across the Bosphorus Strait – then a couple-hundred miles on motorway, before some nice roads to yet another World Heritage Site – Safranbolu – early enough to wander around the streets for a few hours.
I walked up a sizable hill when I saw the sign for the City History Museum – probably the most disappointing museum I’ve ever seen… just a house with any random crap the locals donated after the city was designated a Heritage Site by UNESCO – it seems. One highlight – an ABUS padlock, probably 80 years old at most, labelled “a door lock from the city of Safranbolu”.

~190 miles of boring Turkish motorway
~23 miles of highway
~23 miles of twisty roads, on some odd road surface – never knowing if it was slippery or good or pot-holes hidden in shadows
And finally ~28 miles of semi-highway to get us into Safranbolu

I love Giant-Flags… and apparently, so does Turkey

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