Into the Western Balkans

24 April — Croatia – Bosnia&Herzegovina – Croatia, 147 miles

A shorter day – with a wee sleep-in, on the bike by 8:30, for some more coastal roads, a pass-through Bosnia & Herzegovina (which bisects Croatia) – before returning to Croatia, to spend the evening in the rather impressive Dubrovnik. The old town of Dubrovnik is rather spectacular… I believe it is also known as King’s Landing – for those who watch TV.
NB: Of all the border crossings I’ve done thus far – not once have I been asked to take off my (full face) helmet… but today the Croatian border guard – refused to even look at my passport – just opened the barrier as I rode up to the window.

~106 miles of Croatian coast road
~6 miles of crossing over the section of Bosnia&Herzegovina which reaches out to the coast
And then another ~35 miles of Croatian coast

Leaving Trogir
Adriatic Coast
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Some random Croatian town
Dubrovnik – the boring new parts

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