Starting across Turkey

02 May – Turkey, 325 miles

From Safranbolu – a few twisty roads, across some high passes, long stretches of road-works (a long down-hill stretch of gravel – has been useful hearing how others coped with that), then some motorway to get the miles done.
A bit of poor weather in the morning – waterproofs on… I took them off around midday, then rode into our hotel several hours later just as a massive storm came in – lightning, gale-force gusts of wind, etc.
The hotel here – is based in some of the Cappadocia Caves… rather awesome. my own particular room, happens to have a spa bath, and a “Turkish Bath” (ie: sauna)… not all the rooms do (although apparently one has a 10-foot-squared spa-pool)… not bad for staying in a cave for a couple of nights.

Another non-riding break-day already – 2 nights here in the Caves… probably a balloon ride early tomorrow morning, weather pending.

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